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Egon Harings’ subsequent work to “German History” invites the reader to follow the history of the Germans (now) from 846 to 1493 AD. A history full of intrigue and war, tragedy and success, unrest and adjustment is to be read about. This book comes up with concise background information to life
and death of contemporary sovereigns, the rise and fall of whole dynasties, the emerging of imperial towns and much more. The author shows up causes and consequences of historical incidents – “German History II” conveys comprehending of the medieval crusades as coherent as the impact of courtly love or even the onset of whole new nations as Switzerland.


  • SC: 434 Seiten
  • Verlag: Frankfurter Literaturverlag
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN-10: 3837209415
  • ISBN-13: 9783837209419
  • Größe und/oder Gewicht: 14,9 x 3,2 x 21,1 cm

Harings Egon, German History: Volume 2 (englisch)

Artikelnummer: 9783837209419
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