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Dover House in London’s Whitehall has a long, sometimes scandalous history. Today it is the London office of the Secretary of State for Scotland and the other Scottish ministers. It covers part of the site of the Palace of Whitehall, the great project of King Henry VIII and the illfated Anne Boleyn. The destruction by fire of the palace in 1698 shaped the future of the site of Dover House.
We see the changes made by Lord Melbourne, during who’s tenure it was the scene of the scandalous relationship between Lord Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb. We also find out how a faulty watch saved the house from destruction at the hands of terrorists in 1947, and how it was affected by terrorism in 1991.
Illustrated throughout, this is the first book to concentrate solely on the magnificent Dover House, which is rarely open for viewing.


ISBN/EAN: 9783837218602

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Montagu Michael / Mott David, Dover House - A Palace on Whitehall

Artikelnummer: 9783837218602
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